Go for Green Flowers and Foliage: Add Something Extra to Your Celebration


April 14, 2020

Small, simple things can often be the most meaningful, easy to make, this beautiful geometric ring basket adds that little something extra to a wedding ceremony. sometimes is hard to know how to add that floral touch _ especially when greenery will be used on every piece, and making sure flowers and foliage are use differently but cohesive is a must when it comes to styling a wedding.

a ceiling garland of greenery and flowers is an impressive addition to most spaces. We always like the idea of surprising our guests with a hanging piece as it’s less obvious and creates a festive atmosphere. It is also nice to keep the tables or chairs more clear, with more space.

If you want a minimalist and natural table set up that will highlight and complement your style, then consider going green. A cool and trendy alternative to flowers, a table runner of a greenery mix, that is elegant, and has an ethereal feel to it and is sure to turn heads, plus since greenery arrives in so many beautiful hues, textures, and shapes there is a lot of room for creativity.

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