Blooming Budgets


April 14, 2020

Whether you’re looking for just a few floral accents, or want to go all-out with a deluge of blooms, find out how to make the most of your money.  

If you have a budget for your floral requirements, what is the most economical way of spending without forfeiting the look of your day? 

  • Seasonal Flowers are the Key. And if the bridal party is small, that helps as wellCouples understand that a larger guest list will increase the food and the drinking budget, but they may don’t realize that the more people there are at the wedding party, the higher the spending will be for the flowers.
  • Opt for a hand-tied bouquet rather than a trialing, wire or shower style. Hand-tied posies require less work and more competitively priced as a result.
  • Think seasonal, think green. It may mean changing your designs ideas, but locally-grown, seasonal flowers will stretch your budget further than choosing especially flown-in exotic blooms. plus, they’ll be far more eco-friendly.
  • Avoiding getting married at peak times such as Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday:; Dates, where people buy more flowers, are a huge rise in the cost per stem from growers.”
  • Make the most of your church blooms by transporting them to your reception venue. Pedestals and trees look fabulous as entrance displays, while pew ends can be used as chair backs.
  • Instead of having expensive flower arrangements on every table, you can alternate tables with displays of candles, which you can get for a fraction of the cost.

Speak to us and ask us to set aside some loose flowers when making up your bridal bouquet, and then have your hairdresser pin them into your hair. This looks very romantic and will save the cost of a tiara or silk flowers for your looks.

Thank you!

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